Michelle, Texas Utility Company

I’ve never felt compelled to write a testimonial for a business service, but after unsuccessful experiences with a couple of other companies, I came across Benefits Summary. They’re professional, thorough, flexible and extremely knowledgeable about communicating total compensation. They’re a pleasure to work with and their high-quality statements were a hit with our workers.

Benefits Summary was extremely professional and very knowledgeable in how to effectively communicate the value of our company provided benefits to each of our employees. We’re a large company whose project team consisted of HR, Benefits Department, upper management and I.T. They were able to communicate equally effectively with both our technical and non-technical staff. I can’t imagine us working with anyone else.

We’re a global company with multiple locations around the world. While all of our staff is fluent in English, each is paid in their local currency and their statement needed to show it. Benefits Summary handled that requirement as easily as all of our other requests: “No Problem”.

Benefits Summary has supported our employee benefit statements for the last 5 years. Being able to rely on their experience and expertise has been invaluable and their flexibility and rapid response has allowed us to meet our sometimes ridiculous target timelines.

Benefits Summary was the third total compensation statement provider I worked with. The first was an online service that let you make your own. Yeah, it seemed attractive price wise, but it was inflexible and the outputs seemed to have a one size fits all feel. The second was a service provider who seemed in over their head. Once I talked to Benefits Summary about their process, deliverables and cost and saw them supply everything as they described, I was hooked. They’ll be who we work with from now on, and I tell all my HR friends exactly that.

Great service, great product, great price and great people who are perfectionists in their trade.

We previously provided total compensation statements using in-house software that we purchased to ‘save money’. After several years of countless headaches, I decided to track the time it actually took to generate the boring cookie cutter reports. Once I presented the results to my boss, she quickly agreed to let me engage Benefits Summary to provide our statements. Oh my gosh! On time, cost exactly what they said, great design, no surprises and my boss loves me!

Benefits Summary provided the most competitive pricing and outstanding service under a really tight deadline. They demonstrated excellent creativity and interpretation of our requirements. They’re proactive and a pleasure to work with. Can I recommend them? Absolutely!

A significant portion of our staff is more comfortable reading in Spanish. Benefits Summary’s ability to provide both English and Spanish statements on an employee-by-employee basis was instrumental in helping educate our workforce on the value of their benefit programs.

Having never supplied Total Compensation Statements before, I needed a partner who could describe my options and walk me through my portion of making it happen. Benefits Summary was both patient and awesome in helping me understand the pros and cons of different approaches and guiding me to what best met our needs. A definite positive impact on our employees.


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